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Thursday , October 22 2020

Tehran turns on its ‘evil’ mullahs

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

FROM the acts of sabotage on four commercial ships to the firing of a rocket into the vicinity of the US Embassy in Baghdad, as well as the missile attacks on Saudi Arabia and the attacks targeting an oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman and some oil companies in Basra, all these incidents are an affirmation of the fact that the regime in Iran is practicing the method of gangsters by blackmailing to commit terrorism. The regime is seeking to drag the US and the international community into a war under the illusion of redeeming itself from its chronic internal crisis and averting the ghost of revolution.

These facts are present in the minds of majority of the world leaders and observers. Therefore, if the behind- the-curtain communications are aiming to avoid the huge price that the people of Iran will pay as a result of mullahs’ attempt to export their crisis, the Iranians are well aware of a bitter fact. It is inevitable that the people of Iran will have to drink from the cup of poison by coming out against the regime, which did not manage to present anything in the last four decades to reassure the future of about 80 million people.

In fact, the suffering of the Iranians has been increasing because of the constant shift from a war to a crisis and to instigation of chaos in the surrounding countries in the region. The regime is rendering its innocent people to be seen as enemies by holding them captive in order to achieve its sick dreams. It has recklessly closed the corridors that could be used to escape from the current misery.

Recently, the regime announced that there will be no extension to the ultimatum of 60 days, which was granted by its president to the European Union to save the nuclear deal. At the same time, it brags about increasing the uranium enrichment level to more than 3.5 percent. While this is happening, the Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif is touring the European Union – the very body that his president Hassan Rouhani is threatening – and pleading to the union to ease the sanctions.

These contradictions indicate that the regime is practicing the tactics of militias due to which the world cannot continue bearing the cost of this major tension and its negative effects on one of the most vital marine routes in the world through which about 40 percent of oil in the world passes. The world will never accept to stay under the mercy of gangs even if there are some parties in the Security Council that are trying to cover up the practices of Iran and its hired terrorist gangs in the region.

They had requested to pave way for diplomacy despite being aware of the knock-on effect of the Iranian recklessness. The US will never tolerate Iran’s blackmail, and this is evident from the decisive position declared by its foreign minister at one of the American military bases by sending stern messages to Iran such as “We are here to deter aggression”.

Today, the US is arming itself with the support of majority of the countries in this regard. Therefore, the mullah regime must wake up from its illusion that it can practice similar politics that had led to the Iran-Iraq war. It needs to realize that the current international situation is completely different from that in the 1980s. There is neither the Cold War to play around its contradictions nor support from a strong ally.

 The scheme to move from terrorism blackmail to another will never extinguish the daily demonstrations being witnessed in majority of the Iranian cities against the miserable living standards. In fact, such demonstrations represent a prelude to a revolution that will not come to an end until the mullah regime falls. It is clear that this regime has ignited fire on itself after it became incapable of finding something to burn in order to fulfill the evil instincts that drive it.

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By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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