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Thursday , October 22 2020

Tehran tasting its own poison

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

UNDOUBTEDLY, the phrase, “taste of your own poison,” totally applies to the Mullah regime which is known as the master chef of terrorism poison in the modern era.

Therefore, the incident in Ahvaz last Saturday was a taste of what was cooked by hands contaminated with blood of Arabs from East to West in the Arab world. The discordant stances and disarrayed statements issued by Iran’s political councils are clear indications of the inability to obtain global sympathy for this regime which led to the massacre of innocent people in various parts of the world.

For days, the series of accusations continue to move between Israel, United States of America, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. It pointed fingers at these nations and attempted to put the accusation away from ISIS which, according to news published by global official bodies, Iran moved hundreds of its fighters to Afghanistan after making them the bogeyman that has been threatening the world since 2013.

This is exactly the case with the terrorist organization al-Qaeda – the spoiled stepson that has been provided with shelter and training camps. Perhaps, the regime helped the organization plan the September 11 attacks and continues to protect the latter’s leadership along the border near Afghanistan.

Today, when Tehran failed to hide its deceit, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani showed up with a new lie which in fact has become muffled for lack of credibility.

He said there is a need to be vigilant and establish cooperation and constructive dialogue between Iran and its neighbors in order to thwart attempts to create uncertainties and differences between countries in the region.

Shamkhani forgot or pretend to have forgotten that it does not make a difference at all as the regime of his country stirred sedition and sectarianism, and formed terrorist militias in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait; let alone in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and Iraq in a bid to pass its expansionism project.

He also pretended to have forgotten that the world has not declared war on the Iranian regime until its patience ran out because of Iran’s plots and criminal acts.

Calling for dialogue has always been a sincere Gulf move. GCC countries have adopted a number of negotiation initiatives in the last four decades. However, the Iranian response was manifested in destructive acts in GCC countries including the Khobar Towers explosions in Saudi Arabia, bombings in Kuwait, and planting of spy and terrorist cells.

The discovery of the Abdally cell in Kuwait is still fresh and it cannot be forgotten. If Shamkhani expresses the official point of view of his country, why doesn’t he direct his speech to his own commanders and ask them to stop spreading terrorism and listen to the voice of wisdom? Apparently, whoever is familiar with dark caves are afraid of any source of light, so he is keen on extinguishing every candle of hope.

This is what the regime has been doing as it insists on spreading the dark Tekfiri ideology. Didn’t Iran invent ‘Hezbollah’? It was the cook that created al- Qaeda and DAESH. It is now the turn of the Iranian regime to eat the poison it cooked, after being totally surrounded and after losing control over the street and terrorist bodies which grew up in its corrupt incubator


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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