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Thursday , February 2 2023

‘Taxes will not serve citizens’ cause … can’t bet on govt, parliament’

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“THE MPs from all of the consecutive national assemblies, have been continuously saying ‘the pocket of the citizen should not be touched’, while the consecutive governments including the incumbent strives to endorse the bill of taxation as well as raising the fees of the state rendered services on citizens under the pretext of a deficit in the state budget,” columnist Sattam Al-Jarallah wrote for Al-Seyassah daily.

Sattam Al Jarallah

“In spite of the above, the government has yet to pull the rabbit out of the hat to ease the torment of the people of limited income who represent a majority of the Kuwaitis and it is not a secret that most of them suffer from the burden of paying the installments on their loans and other debts which means any tax or increase in services fees shall take a large segment of people to the ‘brink’ of poverty. “However, today under the so-called the dialogue between the executive and legislature, undoubtedly such a topic, shall remain in the orbit of discussions, during which the government, shall take whatever it wants from the financial point of view and leave the crumbs for the MPs in the form of amnesty for those who are currently living in ‘self imposed exile’ in Turkey.

“In other words, the government’s gain in this connection, will exceed its ‘surrenders’ to the MPs who are currently see nothing but the amnesty to such an extent they are ready to make any concessions for the sake of their objective including the acceptance of the endorsement of the Public Debt Law in addition to increasing of the fees on state rendered services as well as imposing tax where unmindful that it is the citizen who will the sole victim. “In this connection, it will be useful if we look realistically at the country’s financial and economic situation and look for serious solutions, not to the easy way out through patchy solutions. In other words, we wonder, why doesn’t the government resort to recover all the money which the corrupt people have looted from the government coffers prior to the endorsing the unfair laws. It is no secret but we know the stolen money and according to the media are estimated to be in tens of billions of dinars. Likewise, the government must extend all facilities to the foreign investments and after that, it can study the imposition of taxes.

“In all the countries of the region that imposed taxes had earlier provided many services and facilities to their citizens, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which approved a series of important legislations, and then began imposing the value-added tax, while in Kuwait the government has not provided anything, even in light of the ‘Corona’ pandemic. “This led to the closure of thousands of companies and private interests were affected, and instead of helping citizens, it is seeking to impose taxes that undoubtedly will not serve the citizens who have to start from today to hold the MPs responsible who see nothing but the green chair to serve their own interests, which confirms that the government and the parliament are worse than each other, and you can’t bet on them.”

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