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Tardy, truant workers face salary cut

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 12: Ministries and government agencies intend to deduct the amount corresponding to the number of hours when employees are tardy or if they leave the workplace before the official closing time from their monthly salary, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources from the Civil Service Commission (CSC). Sources told the daily that the CSC has asked government agencies to calculate the monthly number of hours when employees do not adhere to the official working hours, in preparation for deducting the corresponding amount from their monthly salary.

Sources clarified the grace period of a quarter of an hour up to two hours within a month or five minutes per day will be excluded from the calculation of the salary deduction. Sources added “the CSC ‘s systems are linked with all government agencies under it and programmed to calculate the tardy periods that appear in the monthly attendance sheet. The tardy periods vary from one employee to another, while there are employees who remain committed to the official working hours in each government agency.” Sources said the government agencies are responsible for calculating days of work, permits and other matters related to the nature of work in external sites; which should be clearly stated when entering data in the CSC’s systems so they are not counted as tardy periods

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