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Wednesday , January 19 2022

Tale of ‘Al-Alousi’, ‘Abu Zarafeh’

There was an Iraqi fortune teller living in London in the eighties of the last century, and the women of society in the Gulf in particular were among his major clients. The faith of women in our societies and their willingness to believe anything is greater, because the amount of injustice inflicted on them is greater.

In the summer of 1985, a friend invited me one day to have lunch with him at a famous London casino. Our dining table was close to the roulette tables and the casino was almost empty.

A man with Middle Eastern features entered, and his face was not strange to me, and with his seersucker suit, shiny black shoes, and red shirt, he went straight to the gambling table and threw a big bundle of British pounds, followed by another and another and within minutes he lost everything he had and went out without paying attention to anyone.

Curiosity prompted my host to ask one of the casino employees about the identity of that man. He told him that he was the magician or the well-known horoscope reader ‘Al-Alousi’, and I remembered at that time that I had seen his picture in more than one print, on electricity poles and inside telephone booths in London.

His gains from divination (fortune telling) were great, but as it is said ‘Easy come,, easy go’ and there is no better place than casino gambling to double what you earn or often lose all you have.

The irony was that whoever was reading the fortunes of people, and their luck was completely unsuccessful in reading his own fortune and on what number he should put his money.

I remembered the story of Al-Alousi while reading the story of the thinker, doctor, and the great economist who filed a lawsuit against the Societe Generale Bank in Beirut because of the bank seizing his deposits estimated to be millions of dollars, like other hundreds of thousands deposited in the Lebanese banks.

Eight months after the lawsuit, it seems clear that the thinker, doctor, the expert in future reading who had previously predicted the occurrence of World War III, Trump’s victo-ry in the presidency, and America launching a war on Iran has completely failed to know that his millions will be exposed to plundering as a result of depositing them in State banks though it was not difficult for those who claim knowledge and reading the future to know the truth of their financial condition. Is he another Alousi?

It is rumored that a citizen in the seventies of the last century wanted to hire an accountant, so three of different nationalities applied for the job. Spontaneously, he asked them a question about the price of the dollar.

The first replied: The price is determined by knowing whether the matter is buying or selling! The second replied that the price is determined by the quantity. The price of a million is not the price of ten dollars! And for the third, said, ‘How much do you want from me’? Based on my personal experience the accounts of “Our Friend” audit office, in the 1970s and 1980s, were based on the same, principle, “What do you want”?

This caused many innocent investors to lose their savings, because they believed in the balance sheets of the joint-stock companies that were issued from that office, and it turned out that they were false.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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