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Tuesday , August 20 2019

‘It takes two to tango’ – Moral degradation peaks

Ahmad Al-Sarraf

The efficient Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh revealed that there are more than 57,000 cases of people in Kuwait who have been pretending to be physically disabled in order to receive monthly allowances from the state for years.

Al-Sabeeh said many of them forged their medical reports for changing their level of disability from simple or partial to complete disability in order to receive allowances while staying in their homes.

The abovementioned number of cases is really huge. It reflects the moral deterioration that is affecting the society. The families of these malingerers know the truth but they are participating in the crime through their silence and by not notifying the relevant authorities about them.

The issue is more worrisome when we realize that the false disability certificates were issued by doctors and that the employees benefited by covering the truth. Hence, everybody participated in the “Tango”, which is never a solo dance performance.

The deterioration in Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and other state institutions is terrible. The widespread corruption, forgery and cheating are facilitating crimes.

The divorce rate in Kuwait is the highest among the Gulf countries. The reason could be the financial grant offered by the state to newly married couples, which makes some fathers force their daughters to get married and then divorced over and over again in order to obtain as much money as possible in this manner.

Experience has proven that increasing the dose of religion in educational curricula never helps in raising the moral level of the society. We must therefore amend the curricula and modernize them, with higher focus on the moral aspects.

I was surprised to read the news about the Cabinet’s approval for establishing 12 Quranic centers at a time of such widespread corruption. The beneficiaries of these centers will only be the expatriate employees and laborers who will be brought to Kuwait to run these centers. This will in turn aggravate the population imbalance problem.

We need to stress the fact that teaching moral values in schools will never be fruitful if there is lack of such moral values in the daily governmental practices that are in violation of the laws.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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