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Right to Terminate employee service – Kuwait Labor Law

I have been working for a private education company in Kuwait for about 2 years. I am currently experiencing issues with the micro-management style of my employer and I am highly vocal about it. Recently, I was asked by the unit master to offer my resignation or I might be …

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Letter of experience after Termination

I was terminated and I will get the termination benefit as per Kuwaiti law. I requested my manager not to terminate me. Instead of terminating I will submit my resignation. So, I have given my resignation letter and my manager released me on the same day. Now I will get …

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MoI ‘terminates’ many bedoun in public good

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 9: Ministry of Interior has ended the services of 22 Bedoun personnel for the sake of public good, and the majority of personnel affected by the decision have Kuwaiti spouses. A security source said the ministry issued the decision to end services of the 22 Bedouns even …

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Termination without reason

I would like to share my case for which I need your valuable opinion. I have just been terminated and given an official discontinuation of services letter with a notice period of 3 months. Will I be entitled to a termination fee? … besides the indemnity, because my employer terminated …

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