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Thursday , October 28 2021

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Seniors among educators set to ‘leave’ service soon

KUWAIT CITY, June 1: The number of those covered by retirement scheme at the Ministry of Education has shot to 388 educators who have spent …

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‘MoE in need of both male, female teachers for ’21/22 academic year’

KUWAIT CITY, April 12: The Technical Follow- up Section of the Department of Coordination and Follow-up of Public Education has identified the need of the …

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MoE announces suspension of teachers’ transfer, delegation

Decision taken during meeting with directors KUWAIT CITY, March 28: The Ministry of Education announced the suspension of transfer and delegation of teachers as of …

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MoE to fill vacant posts with Kuwaitis, children of Kuwaiti women & bedouns

KUWAIT CITY, March 22: While the Ministry of Education has received 1,176 resignation requests for teachers from the six educational districts in various disciplines, educational …

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Shortage of teachers in public schools; large number leaving

Severe shortage in eight specialties KUWAIT CITY, March 20: According to statistics issued by the Ministry of Education, there are 74,326 teachers in public education …

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Ministry of Education stops pay check of 600 teachers

KUWAIT CITY, March 8: The Ministry of Education has suspended the salaries of nearly 600 teachers, who the ministry calls ‘the new stranded teachers’, who …

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Bedoun teachers ‘sacking’ rapped

Stranded Egyptian teachers face cuts KUWAIT CITY, March 4: As the first test for the new government that caused it great embarrassment, the Council of …

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Teachers terminated for participating in private parties in exchange for cash

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 4: The Ministry of Education terminated three non-Kuwaiti female Music Education teachers for participating in private parties in exchange for cash and …

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Employees outside Kuwait getting paid despite of a decision to stop paying salaries

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 24: The Ministry of Education recently discovered that a large number of its employees, who are currently outside the country, continue to …

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Increase in rate of Kuwaiti teachers leaving teaching field

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 17: The turnover of Kuwaiti teachers from the field of teaching is heading to a significant decline during the current academic year. …

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