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Saturday , November 17 2018

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Exit procedure for new born without stamping Kuwait residence

I am working in Kuwait on #18 Visa with a salary of KD 750 and my husband is working in India. I delivered my baby in Kuwait in October 2017 and got the birth certificate, passport and health insurance done. To sponsor the baby under my name (#22), I tried …

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Baby to be born in Kuwait – Salary below KD 450/-

I am working in the private sector as physiotherapist. I would like to know that if it is essential to have minimum KD 450 salary to make residence for baby born in Kuwait. My wife is on dependent visa and expected due date is in December 2017. I have below …

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Sponsoring / stamping residence of new born

Is the new rule for having a visa for new born baby which requires the father to earn a minimum monthly salary of KD 450 already being implemented? My husband iznil amal salary is only KD 150, but his actual salary is KD 235. For me my iznil amal salary …

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Need residence for 2 yr old baby in Kuwait

Sir I have 2-year-old baby in Kuwait how can I proceed visa for baby my salary below KD 450. Also my wife working here. Name withheld Answer: Since both you and your wife are working in Kuwait and your salary is below the minimum required you will not be in …

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Residence process for Wife and new born outside Kuwait

My wife went to India for baby delivery on April 2. She is still in India, I would like to know exact last date of returning as per Kuwait exit law after 6 months. Moreover her visa is expiring on Nov 4, 2017 and I want to make residence process …

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60 days to complete residency formalities

The article mentions 60 days for the completion of all the formalities otherwise there can be a penalty. However, I was recently informed by someone (might only be a rumor) that the duration has now been reduced to 30 days only. I wanted to know if it is true? Thanking …

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Obtaining special permission from Director General of Immigration

Please could you advise on the procedure to obtain a special permission from the Director General of Immigration. I need to request if I can sponsor my newborn baby because my husband has some issues with his visa for the timebeing. Should we go and meet him in person or …

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Wife on family visa, Salary below KD 450 – Can we get dependent visa for new born?

First of all I thank you sincerely for your legal services and clarification. I kindly request you to clarify my below question briefly. My wife has a valid iqama (family visa) until April 2017 and our baby is to be born in India by end of this month and my …

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Renewal of baby’s residence – Salary cap below 450 KD

1. My salary is KD 250. In May I need to renew my baby’s visa. She was born in Kuwait. Will we be able to renew her residence. 2. My wife was working in Kuwait University from Feb 2011 to 2016 March. After that she resigned and joined some other …

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Residence for New Born questions

Me and my wife have been working in Kuwait for 8 years and we are holding visa Article 18 (work permit). My wife’s salary is KD 500 and mine is KD 250. We recently had a baby in Kuwait but we are having problems getting a visa for our son? …

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