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Thursday , November 15 2018

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Dates from a diminishing Souq Tamar

As we come to the end of the date harvest, many varieties of this delicious and healthy fruit are cheap and plentiful in the market. Along the streets and in gardens all over Kuwait you can see date palms hanging heavy with their golden bundles of fruit that are ready …

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Ramadan nights in Mubarakiya Market are all hustle and bustle as visitors shop for dates, sweets, fresh fruits and vegetables, festive clothes, and other traditional items in a setting where time seems to have managed to at least slow down, if not stand still. The old souk has always been …

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Souk Mubarakiya faces temporary closure during Ramadan – Shop owners protest increase in rents upto 500 pct

KUWAIT CITY, May 30: Souk Mubarakiya is poised for closure during the last days of Ramadan, as another “Souk Mubarakiya Strike” is expected because the shop owners completely refuse the intention to increase the rents by 500 percent, reports Al-Rai daily. Observers say the company that has been entrusted with …

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