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Saturday , August 24 2019

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Over 100 million Kuwaiti dinars remain unclaimed after several years

KUWAIT CITY, July 22: In a unique case, banking sources revealed the existence of huge sum of money exceeding 100 million dinars, which remains unclaimed …

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Kuwait’s money supply at $127bn in Jan – Deposits dip

KUWAIT CITY, March 13, (KUNA): Money supply in its broad concept (M2) dropped 0.1 percent last January, in contrast to December, where it posted KD …

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Private sector’s deposits with banks down by 0.5 pc

Money supply fell 0.3 percent in August: Central Bank of Kuwait KUWAIT CITY, Oct 11, (KUNA): Broad money supply (M2) declined by 0.3 percent in …

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‘Dormant’ accounts contain millions of dinars in deposits – ‘Inactive for over 20 years’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 18: Millions of dinars remain ‘dormant’ in about half a million bank accounts in Kuwaiti banks. Some of these accounts have millions …

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Lost cash reached destination before owner

KUWAIT CITY, June 10: Kuwaiti youth Zaid Al-Khabbaz lost 16,000 Saudi Riyals in Madina while performing the minor pilgrimage (Umrah) with his family in Saudi …

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Market shares of money exchange firms record 97.5 pct drop – 5 control market of Egyptian money transfe

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 16: Market shares of money exchange companies have recorded drop by about 97.5 percent in the last few months compared to the …

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Lending money to friends, kin leads to negative experience – Lose cash, lose relationship

KUWAIT CITY, March 9: In this week’s Arab Times online poll, readers shared their experience with lending money to others in Kuwait with the majority …

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