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No to dualism … yes to ‘respect’ for laws

LAWS were not enacted vainly. They were sanctioned, either unilaterally in some cases by the Executive Authority or in partnership with the Legislative Authority when considering national representation; hence, the operative law should be enforced, otherwise, it should be abolished. This is due to the fact that if a valid …

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Proposal to amend P&P Law among several bills okayed – Queries forwarded on road maintenance works

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 21: The parliamentary Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee on Tuesday approved several bills including the proposal to amend the Press and Publication Law (P&P Law). Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Committee Chairman MP Mohammed Al-Dalal disclosed the amendment bill stipulates that photos of the accused should …

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MP critizes govt inability to solve issues – Assembly keen on following up implementation of laws

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 2: The National Assembly is keen on following up the government’s efforts in implementing laws passed, says Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Priorities Committee MP Ahmed Lari. According to Lari, the legislature had earlier passed numerous laws and the executive regulations have been issued yet there is no …

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Amend laws on financial waste

THE question that pops into the mind of every Kuwaiti during talks on reducing expenditures is: How many people in this country live below the poverty line for efforts to remedy the national deficit or reduce subsidies to be considered hindrances to development? Is this the first time that the …

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