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Labor law takes precedence over conflicting internal policies

Most employee and employer relationship disputes arise from unpaid wages. Some employers are using illegal practices to retain large amounts of money from their staff, such as, not paying employees for public holidays, not calculating salary and holiday time accurately and penalizing for tardiness beyond the labor law restrictions. Employers …

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‘Labor Law inefficient in protecting rights of workers’

KUWAIT CITY, July 15: The Labor Law in the country is inefficient as a legal system that is supposed to regulate all matters related to the workers. It does not protect the rights of workers, particularly in terms of work-related struggles. It seems to be walking on the path of …

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Kuwaiti courts accept non-Arabic docus that go through certain processes

Under the labor law it states that all contracts should be drafted in Arabic with such version taking precedent over any translated version. Further, all pleadings before the court should be made in the Arabic language, which also should be used in writing all relevant memorandum. While legally all documents …

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Workers performing service without sponsor’s permission violates ‘law’

KUWAIT CITY, June 26: Legally, employees are not allowed to perform services for companies other than their sponsor. If your sponsor learns that you are working for another company then they can fire you and/or report you to the labor department. In addition to an employee being in violation of …

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Private Sector Labor Law can be ‘amended’

KUWAIT CITY, May 15: Private Sector Labor Law No. 6/2010 has not been amended and it has no item banning the employer from terminating the services of Kuwaiti employees, reports Al-Anba daily quoting high level ministerial sources. On the other hand, General Law Professor and constitutional expert Dr Mohammad Al-Filly …

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Saturdays can no longer be counted towards paid annual holidays

With the recent amendments to Law No. 6 for the Year 2010 regarding Labor in the Private Sector, many human resource and finance departments are inquiring on how to properly adjust their internal systems to comply with the new law. The most significant change to the law is in regards …

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Amended Labor Law in private sector takes effect: Al-Khodairi

Tabtabaei submits bill on academic equivalency KUWAIT CITY, July 10: The amended Private Sector Labor Law took effect after its publication in the official gazette on July 9, says MP Hamoud Al-Khodairi who proposed the amendment which was approved by the National Assembly in the last legislative round. He explained …

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Government bolsters employee protections – Weekends, public holidays and sick leaves should not be considered as part of the annual leave

KUWAIT CITY, July 9: A decree was issued concerning the approval of the Council of Ministers to amend some provisions in Law No. 6/2010 concerning the private sector labor. This includes changing the last paragraphs in Article 51 and Article 70 of the law, reports Al-Anba daily. The last paragraph …

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MPs nod to labor law bills – 30 days paid annual leave in first year; Full indemnity to be paid ending service

KUWAIT CITY, June 6: The Parliament, in its regular session on Tuesday, approved the report of the Health, Social and Labor Affairs Committee on two bills amending some provisions of the Private Sector Labor Law Number 6/2010 in their first and second readings. A total of 40 MPs voted in …

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Kuwait Labor Law applicable as mentioned in Kuwait contract

Everyday I read your Legal Clinic … thanks for providing such great legal advice. I was hired in India by ABC company for their Indian division (in August 2013). Then the ABC company got a project from a government company here in Kuwait of 4 years duration. I was asked …

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