Know your rights: PAM’s initiative for labor law compliance

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 25, (Agencies): In an effort to enhance awareness and understanding of the Labor Law’s provisions, the Public Authority for Manpower has initiated an awareness campaign through its official channels. The campaign aims to educate both employers and workers about their respective rights and obligations under the law.

Public Authority for Manpower raises awareness on Labor Law compliance.

As part of this initiative, the Authority has spotlighted cases where employers have dismissed workers without providing the required notice or end-of-service compensation. The Authority emphasizes the significance of adhering to legal articles governing the termination of employment, outlining specific circumstances where dismissal is deemed lawful.

On its official website, the Authority addressed employers, stressing the importance of complying with legal protocols when dismissing a worker. According to the Labor Law, employers are entitled to dismiss a worker without notice, compensation, or reward under certain conditions. Such conditions include instances where the worker commits a serious mistake resulting in significant loss to the employer, or if fraudulent practices led to the worker’s employment. Furthermore, divulging establishment secrets, causing actual or potential harm, also justifies dismissal.

The Authority highlighted additional grounds for lawful dismissal, noting that employers retain the right to terminate a worker in the following situations:

  1. Criminal Conviction: If the worker is convicted of a crime against honor, trustworthiness, or morals.
  2. Violation of Public Morals: If the worker engages in an act that violates public morals within the workplace.
  3. Physical Assault: In the event of the worker assaulting a colleague, the employer, or a representative during or as a result of work.
  4. Breach of Contractual Obligations: If the worker fails to fulfill obligations outlined in the employment contract or infringes upon the provisions of the law, and if repeated violations of the employer’s instructions are proven.

Through this awareness campaign, the Public Authority for Manpower aims to foster a work environment where both employers and workers understand and uphold their legal responsibilities, promoting fair and just employment practices.

This news has been read 2795 times!

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