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Saturday , November 17 2018

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Mohammad VI’s unique bond with his subjects

KING MOHAMMAD VI revived the vision when he reactivated the royal revolution, led by his grandfather, against colonialists. This is due to his close contact with citizens, enabling him to feel their pulse as well as address the issues concerning them and the nation in general. In a speech he …

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Mohammad VI and his revolutionizing speech

KING MOHAMMAD VI completed the Green March during its 40th anniversary since reclaiming Western Sahara with a development march which focuses on cementing national unity and equality among people in this area. People in this area suffered for decades due to the injustice caused by regional interference and separatists’ conflicts …

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King Mohammad VI & political discourse

NOT many countries can stand the competition for transformation currently happening in the Arab World through the major democratic stride that became the standard by which efforts to shake internal stability is forestalled. Kingdom of Morocco is one of the few countries where the leader, King Mohammad VI, has been …

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