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Where do jihadists go now? – Radicalism fails to die

Many might find this question weird but what will those involved in armed organizations or the returnees from the war zone or even those who supported a particular faction do when circumstances change and the war ends? What will the “jihadists” do after the war? What will be the level …

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Belgium jails jihadist recruiters for Syria – Albanian court sentences 9, including 3 Muslim clerics

BRUSSELS, May 4, (Agencies): A Brussels court on Tuesday handed jail terms of up to seven years to 26 members of a group that recruited fighters for Syria and had included one of the suicide bombers responsible for the March 22 attacks in the Belgian capital. The trial, which was …

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Sahel jihadists resort to soft targets: France

N’DJAMENA, May 2, (AFP): The commander of a French anti-jihadist force in Africa’s northern Sahel says Islamist insurgents are hitting soft targets elsewhere after losing the initiative in the region. General Patrick Brethous said groups were now selecting easy targets beyond the reach of his Operation Barkhane because they had …

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Foreign fighters are evading Europe’s security net

BRUSSELS, April 2, (AP): When Ibrahim El Bakraoui blew himself up in the Brussels Airport check-in area, killing and maiming scores of travelers, it was at least the third time he had passed unimpeded through an airport terminal in recent months. Suspected by Turkey of being a “foreign terrorist fighter” …

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Jihadists planned biological attacks

RABAT, March 4, (AFP): Morocco said Thursday that the alleged members of a jihadist cell it arrested in mid-February, including a French national, were plotting to carry out “biological” attacks in the kingdom. “Some of the seized substances (from the suspects) are classified by international organisations which specialise in health …

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Syrian ‘jihadist’ brothers arrested in Austria – 18 migrants drown off Turkey

ANKARA, Dec 24, (Agencies): At least 18 migrants drowned when their overcrowded boat sank in the Aegean Sea on Thursday on the way to the Greek island of Lesbos in the latest tragedy involving refugees seeking to enter Europe. The wooden boat capsized in high waves two miles off the …

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Genie of terrorism … your creation … get rid of it

EGYPTIANS have an adage regarding a person who fell into the trap he set for others: “He brought the genie and he could not dismiss it.” This adage is applicable to countries which sought the assistance of militias, similar to what happened in Afghanistan when the United States of America …

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Police arrest more jihadists – Terrorist cell in Madrid broken up

MADRID, Nov 4, (Agencies): Spanish authorities said Wednesday they had detained two men suspected of being involved in the Islamic State group’s “recruitment and indoctrination” drive, a day after they broke up a “terror cell” in Madrid. The two men were detained in a morning raid in the city of …

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