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Thursday , November 15 2018

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The devoted Palestinian teacher

A Palestinian teacher of Arabic language working for a private school complains that most students of both sexes in such schools show lack of interest for Arabic, the mother tongue of the Arabs, the language of our forefathers and the Holy Quran. He says the reasons are many. The most …

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‘IS exploiting Islam’ – True enemies of religion

I have a conviction that the fiercest enemies of Islam are not the liberals and their secular partners, nor the atheists and their frenzied followers because they have never had a problem with any ideology at all. The enemies of Islam during the modern era are the ‘callers’ and the politicians …

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Lineage in the coinage of Islam – Coins & Caliphs

Abdullah Mohammed Bin Jassem Al Mutairi, an Emirati expert on Islamic coins, delivered a comprehensive lecture on Islamic coinage, discussing the verses and slogans engraved on them, at the Yarmouk Cultural Center on Monday evening as part of Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah’s 23rd cultural season. Al Mutairi is a …

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Need to work to show Islam in its true, tolerant form: official

KUWAIT CITY, June 22, (KUNA): Chairman of the Supreme Advisory Committee to work on completing the application of Sharia law Dr Mohammad Al-Tabtabaei, stressed Thursday the importance of working to show Islam in its true and tolerant form, far from terrorism and extremism. This came during a meeting with Sandzak …

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US actress says may convert to Islam

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 16, (Agencies): Linsday Lohan has revealed that her interest in Islam made her feel ‘scared’ about returning to America, reports Al-Rai daily. The American actress, 30, has returned to New York where she spoke at The Mail Online during a Facebook Live and opened up about the …

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Islam of Muhammad Ali and Islam of Omar Mateen!?

JUST a few days have gone by since the eulogy for American Muslim boxer Muhammad Ali Clay, when the world gathered with all its colors and travelers to pay tribute to a ‘non-reoccurring’ personality … Yes, Muhammad Ali is a personality that will not ‘reoccur’ in history. Who else won …

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Ramadan … beyond just fasting

As we celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan this year, we have an unusual phenomenon with the whole world somehow focused on Islam. We have gone from the negative comments of Donald Trump and the fear of terrorism to the positive ideals of the new mayor of London and the …

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‘Some seek to tarnish image of Islam by linking it to terrorism’ – US preacher Estes delivers speech in Kaifan

KUWAIT CITY, March 19: Renowned Muslim cleric from the United States of America Yusuf Estes is of the view that some individuals seek to tarnish the image of Islam by attempting to link the religion with extremism and terrorism, contrary to the true Islam, which is founded on total surrender …

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‘Muslim states should fix Islam’s public image’

TEHRAN, Dec 27, (AFP): Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday said that Muslim countries should strive to improve the world’s opinion of Islam. “We must remove Islam’s negative image from today’s cyber and real space,” he said in Tehran at an international conference on “The Islamic World’s Current Crisis”. Most …

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Challenge all those who distort Islam’s message

Morten Storm, the Danish co-author of “Agent Storm: My life Inside al-Qaeda and the CIA”, recently aired his anti-Islamic views on Fox News, abusing this media platform to spout blasphemous opinions. This former al-Qaeda terrorist turned double agent was radicalized in prison and was later recruited by the CIA and …

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