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Monday , November 19 2018

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KNPC ignites permanent flame in environmental ‘fuel project’

Egypt Kuwait Holding to launch USD 111.6 mln factory KUWAIT CITY, Sept 4, (KUNA): Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) on Tuesday announced igniting the first permanent flame in its environmental fuel project in Mina Abdullah refinery. In a press statement released Tuesday, KNPC’s CEO Mohammaed Al-Mutairi said that this is …

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Fuel aid halt suggests deeper Saudi-Egyptian rift – Sisi says Egypt will ‘not bow to anyone but God’

CAIRO, Oct 14, (RTRS): A halt to shipments of Saudi fuel to Egypt under a $23 billion aid deal shows that a rift between the Arab world’s richest country and its most populous may be deeper than previously thought, which could leave Egypt desperate for a new sponsor. Under the …

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Don’t take from State if you won’t give to it

THE decision on the new prices of fuel takes effect today. In other words, it is a great national test for all. Will they stand by the powerful State that is able to meet demands for prosperity, along with its national and constitutional responsibilities, according to the law and reason? …

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Region’s greatest promise, greatest peril … the youth – ‘The fuel of our future is in abundant supply’

As we focus our attention on plummeting oil prices and dwindling reserves, we overlook what is far more decisive to our region’s success. The Middle East’s greatest natural resource and power source, is not in its oil or its gas but in its predominantly young population. Home to one of …

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