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‘Kuwaiti fishermen are suffering from governmental negligence’ – 3,800 expat laborers in fishing sector

KUWAIT CITY, July 31: President of the Kuwaiti Fishermen Association Zaher Al-Souyan says Kuwaiti fishermen have been suffering from governmental negligence since the inception of the association in 1982, reports Al-Nahar daily. He explained that Kuwaiti fishermen are unable to find good locations to anchor their boats along the coastline. …

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‘Should we leave country’ – Fishermen without homes

KUWAIT CITY, April 1: In a shocking move, thousands of fishermen yesterday were evicted from their living quarters in Sharq after the rents for the month of April were paid. The authority behind the eviction order gave the excuse that it wants to remove the quarters. Fishermen decried the move, …

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‘Fishermen not reporting at Kuwaiti isle to be deported’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 19: Assistant Undersecretary for Coast Guard Affairs Major General Zuhair A l – N a s r a l l a h announced that expatriate fishermen will be deported immediately in their numbers if their vessels traverse Kuwait’s regional waters without going through Umm Maradem Marine Border …

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Meskan inhabitants used to guide ships – Fishermen’s cottages, potteries unearthed

KUWAIT CITY, March 31, (KUNA): Inhabitants of the Kuwaiti island of Meskan used to install marks to guide ships’ captains to evade surrounding rocky spots. The island, populated during various periods of Kuwait history, is situated three kilometers (roughly 1.6 nautical miles) from the larger Failaka island and 15 kms …

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