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Company file closed, Iqama on article 14 (temporary iqama)

My company file is closed, I came to Kuwait six months ago on Article 18, my company didn’t put my iqama, but rather they have …

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Company file closed – Visa on article 14 – Can I transfer to another company?

I am currently holding Article 14 visa, my Civil ID expired on Dec 6, 2017, after that my company made 3 months visa up to …

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Company File closed due to Visa Trading – What is the Solution for Renewal of Residency

What is the solution for renewal of the residency “if the company file is closed under Code 71” Your opinion will be very beneficial for …

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Company file closed – Can we transfer residence to new company?

Firstly, let me thank you for the tremendous work and support you are giving through this legal column. I wanted to ask your advice on …

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Company file closed

I need some assistance as I have a valid residence but my sponsor, under whose residence I am, has a case of number 31 against …

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