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Company file closed, Iqama on article 14 (temporary iqama)

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My company file is closed, I came to Kuwait six months ago on Article 18, my company didn’t put my iqama, but rather they have put only 3 months Article 14 temporary iqama, and out of lot of issue I got my passport and I am planning to move out and come back to Kuwait after 2 months on a new visa.

Do I require to do cancellation process or shall I leave the country as it is, because neither mandoup nor my sponsor is there in the country, they are missing.

Please help me what should I do?

Name withheld

Answer: Since your company did not stamp a residence permit in your passport you have nothing to cancel and hence can leave Kuwait is as much as you have not overstayed the temporary residence granted you.

If on the other hand you have overstayed the number of months granted you then you have to pay garama (penalty) before you can leave.

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