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Saturday , November 17 2018

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Rescue Iranians before the flood

THE insistence of the Iranian regime to confront the international community will not lead to the ‘Divine Triumph’ it has been dreaming of. It is really too late for the Mullahs to stop the internal violence they caused. The more the ball of popular anger rolls, the bigger it becomes …

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Criminal suits vs Lankan envoy – Groups cite 2009 war crimes

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug 29, (AP): Human rights groups in South America are alleging war crimes violations in lawsuits filed against a former Sri Lankan general who is now his Asian nation’s ambassador to Brazil and five other countries in Latin America. The suits against Jagath Jayasuriya are based on …

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Journo recounts years as Syrian prisoner – Documentary retraces Padnos’ journey

BOSTON, Sept 5, (Agencies): In 2012, freelance journalist Theo Padnos slipped into Syria to cover its unfolding civil war and was promptly kidnapped by members of an al-Qaeda branch. Convinced he was a CIA agent because he spoke Arabic, the group held the Massachusetts native for nearly two years before releasing …

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Avengers split in revitalizing Civil War – Hollywood film to revisit Chappaquiddick events

Conventional movie wisdom would suggest that there can only be diminishing returns with long-running franchises. There must be a breaking point, right? Especially at movie four, five, six and beyond. There are exceptions, sure, but even the painstakingly plotted Marvel films have had low points. And yet in the ashes …

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Control and conscience divides heroes in ‘Civil War’ – ‘Covert Affairs’ star Gorham makes directorial debut

LOS ANGELES, April 26, (RTRS):  Marvel’s band of Avengers are usually a friendly bunch, but when faced with the destruction of their heroic efforts to save the world, the superheroes are split between maintaining control of their powers or going under government contract, leading to an explosive battle. “Captain America: …

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