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Annual leave during notice period

I am working with a company since March 2009 and I gave my resignation in May 2017. I have 35 days annual leave. My question is can I forego this annual leave and work for another 2 more months to complete the 3 months notice period. Or can the company …

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Mix up between Compassionate leave and Emergency leave

I have been working in a private company for the past 2 years. In this 2 years I have taken one time annual leave with pay and one month emergency leave (due to wife health problem) without pay (loss of pay and self paid return ticket). Now my company is …

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MP proposal eyes 35-day annual leave

KUWAIT CITY, April 8: Parliament’s Legislative and Legal Committee referred a report to the National Assembly concerning three proposals aimed at amending some clauses in law No. 6/2010 concerning private sector labor, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to the report, the first proposal is for adding a new article No. 71(bis) …

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Annual leave calculation

I have already mailed my question but it didn’t get published. Now I want to make sure that my mail reaches you. My question may already be in the pipeline as you may be receiving many questions. Still I want to make sure my query is in right hands. I …

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Annual leave during resignation notice period

I’ve been working with my employer for 1 year now and I decided to resign. I want to know, if I can still take my paid annual leave within the 3 months notice period upon my resignation? My 3 months notice period will finish in May but I want to …

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Limit for accumulation of Annual leave

First of all let me thank you for the free legal guidance that you are providing to the expat community. I would like to know what the current Kuwait Labor Law states regarding accumulating Annual leaves. As my family is here in Kuwait, I did not go on Annual leave …

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Weekends and public holidays deductions

In the month of September 2016, I went to India after taking 3 days paid leave (Sept 6 to 8) which was approved by the manager. I resumed duty on Sept 15, 2016 due to the following reasons. Sept 9 (Friday holiday); Sept 10 (half day working in the company); …

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Annual leave calculation – Weekends are not to be counted in calculation

Related to this topic and further to your statement in one of the previous related posts, you stated that a worker has a right to 30 working days annual leave. Can you direct me to an official legal document to support that claim, because Article 70 of The Labor Law …

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Kuwaiti employees can take leave of absence for three yrs

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 15: Decisions approved by Civil Service Commission (CSC) allowing Kuwaiti employees to take sabbatical of three years to manage their small and medium enterprises, and the reduction of housing allowances for expatriate teachers from KD 150 to KD 60 have worsened the crises of Ministry of Education, …

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Accumulation of Annual leave

First of all thank you for all the good advice and assistance you give to us, it is really appreciated. I am also looking for some clarifications: The company that I work for has now advised us that if any colleague has more than 30 days (standard vacation leave) accumulated …

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