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Kuwait action on cell hailed

KUWAIT CITY, July 26: President of the Kuwaiti-Iranian Friendship Association Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Awadhi recently issued a statement to declare the association’s support for the measures taken by Kuwait against the convicted members of “Abdali cell”, reports Al-Anba daily. In the statement, Dr. Al-Awadhi said, “The Kuwaiti-Iranian Friendship Association, as a …

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Two questioned on Abdali cell escape

KUWAIT CITY, July 25: The Public Prosecution is currently conducting investigations with two Kuwaiti citizens who are accused of harboring one of the members of Abdali cell and falsifying a travel document for him, reports Aljarida daily. According to informed sources, the 16 defendants in the “Abdali cell” case are …

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Yes, Kuwait is not police state

THE medical rule says, “Prevention is better than cure.” This rule is applicable to the mission of a journalist whose duty is to avert danger by using information obtained from his own sources. This is exactly what ‘Al-Seyassah daily’ has been doing. This attitude is based on the belief of …

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National unity is immune from seditious pawns

WHEN patriotism, or rather allegiance to the nation, precedes everything else, the citizen does not need to prove his national identity. However, when sectarianism and tribalism precede patriotism, it becomes necessary to remind them that the Constitution does not distinguish between a Kuwaiti and others. Instead, the Constitution rendered justice, …

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Kuwait shuts Iranian cultural mission, expels some diplomats over Abdali cell – ‘Most convicts still hiding in Kuwait’

KUWAIT CITY, July 20, (Agencies): Kuwait said on Thursday it is shutting the Iranian cultural mission and calling for a reduction in the number of Iranian diplomats stationed in the country, deepening a rift between the Gulf Arab states and Tehran. The official Kuwait News Agency announced the move in …

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Interior appeals for information on missing convicts

KUWAIT CITY, July 19, (KUNA): Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior said on Wednesday that anyone withholding information on the whereabouts of convicts involved in a “terror” cell known as, “Al-Abdali,” should contact authorities immediately, or face legal repercussions. A statement provided by the ministry urged anyone with information on the criminals …

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Bravo ‘Interior’, for silencing national unity’s booby-trappers

THE publication of names and pictures of 16 convicts who disappeared is an excellent move by the Ministry of Interior; those convicts are involved in the infamous ‘Abdali Cell’ case. With this publication, the ministry has connected the dots, ending the bickering not only over ‘Al-Seyassah’ and its sources’ credibility …

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