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Syria lost between Assad’s seekers … interest seekers

THE Syrian blood has been touring between capitals of foreign countries for the past seven years in search for a solution. Someone from the involved international parties does not want a solution, because the issue at hand is flowing towards their interests.

From the meetings in Geneva, Astana, Sochi and Vienna recently; the face of the Syrian opposition changed several times, whereas the ruling regime in Syria is still the same. In other words, the regime has never been toppled militarily or those seeking for Assad’s removal have not found a successful political solution.

As the opposition’s demands continue to shrink from one meeting to another, the number of countries involved in spilling blood of Arabs increases — starting from Iran which sneaked under the cover of every type of foreign militias and gang beginning with ‘Hezbollah’ and it will definitely not end with Afghan fighters.

This is in addition to Russia which came under the pretext of weakening the Persian influence but became the latter’s partner instead, and not forgetting the United States of America that is currently putting its bases in the ruins of towns under the pretext of fighting ‘DAESH’ — the organization manufactured in the dark intelligence chambers of Iran, US and Israel.

Turkey is also encroaching on Syrian meat and bones in a bid to foil the Kurds’ pursuit of independence for fear that they will reach its land and divide it.

In all of these international involvements, Syrians are displaced in four directions of the wind. They are asking: Who is causing their misery? Who pushed the regime into this onslaught? Until when will it continue?

Perhaps, it has become boring to talk about what transpired under the ‘Arab Spring’ rhetoric and how an isolated incident in Tunisia was capitalized to topple President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Today, Tunisians are lamenting about revolting against his rule.

This is exactly the case in Libya which is currently witnessing ‘whittling’ of the State, whereas regret is consuming Libyans who gruesomely killed Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and they are still looking for someone to replace him.

At the height of the revolution rhetoric, the extremist group ravaged several countries including Syria.

Iranians, Arabs, Westerners and Israelis — all of them interfered under the patronage of the US; the bearer of the rhetoric ‘creative chaos’ and ‘new Middle East order’. They were brought about by promises of the approaching fall of Assad’s regime, in addition to the slogan: “Assad will go either through a political solution or military operation.” This still resonates in people’s minds.

Despite everything, half of the Syrian population had been displaced from their houses and their country; yet the regime is still there. In fact, various opposition factions representing the Syrians are searching for the option of coexisting with the regime.

Undoubtedly, the Syrian onslaught has started to pose threat to neighboring Arab countries as the scope of conflict expands. This means further weakening of Arab countries. This is what ‘Assad’s seekers’ should have realized from the beginning to, at least, maintain their unity in the face of the storm.

Instead, they decided to kill a fly with a hammer. This was an ill-studied reaction. Infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood Group transformed the entire revolution into its interest by fortifying itself and hiding behind the innocent to realize its well-drawn objective in Western intelligence circles.

Today, Syrian factions are preparing for a new round of talks. These talks are controlled by the interests of international stockholders. Therefore, these talks will almost be an extension of further misery since these countries are looking for more gains without caring about the price that Syrians are paying.

This is what the Syrians should perceive. They should not bank on unrealistic dreams. They should focus on the joy of their compatriots as they return to their country. They should end fascination over toppling this or that side. They should realize that countries do not seek victory from humanitarian grounds as they rather need funds, weapons and even fighters to achieve their interests.

Until when will Syrians bury their heads in the sand? Until when will Arabs, who failed to find less expensive solution to changing the regime, continue to be pushed towards more crises; whereas Turkey is keen on cutting off a portion of Syria, the Iranian plague of ‘Hezbollah’ and other sectarian militias continue to spread in Syria’s body, and Russia fortifies itself with a portion of Syrian land?

As all this continues to unfold, the US plants its bases throughout Syria while the opposition is still divided “on the gender of angels”. Is it not time for ‘Assad’s seekers’ to let go of their rhetoric which seems to have become elusive, if not impossible?

The only party which is able to impose solution is the Arabs who need to agree on ending the miserable crisis in Syria, or they can distance themselves and admit their weakness, which means collapse of the entire Arab national security forts.

After all these, we say to the people of Syria, “All you need to do is to return to your country, just like the people of Aleppo did voluntarily and embarked on reconstruction of their city with their own efforts.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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