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Thursday , August 22 2019

‘Survival only in unity’ – No winners in crisis

“Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story,” American baseball manager Casey Stengel (1890 -1975).

Some mischievous insinuations from several Arab news media platforms surfaced recently, stating there is no need for the Gulf council in its current form. Others say the upcoming Gulf Cooperation Summit, which will be held in Kuwait in December, will not have the usual participation.

In fact, they suggest that a similar summit will be held at the same time involving three countries. Information has been leaked that the region will witness a regional council consisting of three Gulf countries; and two, or perhaps three other non-Gulf countries.

Naturally, every Gulf country has its own policies which are respected and sincerely appreciated, but any observer will attest that these unprecedented intents are shockwaves of the current unfortunate Gulf crisis which cannot be ignored at all. Instead, it is the main theme from which rumors, hearsay and leaks emerge from.

The Gulf Cooperation Council Summit will be held — if everything goes well — in Kuwait, through which His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad is gratefully leading the mediation process in a bid to resolve the political rift between the Gulf countries.

It is clear that despite the immense effort exerted by His Highness the Amir on this matter, the situation is still not at its best; a step forward, three backwards, given that the situation between parties in dispute is in continuous aggravation to a point where neither a friend is delighted nor an enemy is enraged.

This time, the underlying problem is that there is someone who is attempting to drag Kuwait into the crisis in one way or another, pushing it to a corner so it takes a stance that is different from the current one which is neutrality.

These attempts are bound to fail for a simple reason — the fact that the stance of Kuwait is equally influenced by both sides of the parties in dispute. This stance disqualifies any attempt to blemish the Kuwaiti mediation which has won the confidence of the international community even before the regional one.

This is due to the honorable role which Kuwait is playing in this crisis, let alone the trust it has in mediation management.

Undoubtedly, any sincere Gulf national will not wish for the crisis to prolong. Actually, we wish for the parties in conflict to nurse their wounds and move in solidarity.

We are all brothers, and the things that bring us together exceed by far the things that separate us. This makes it necessary for everyone to listen to the voice of wisdom;, given that at this, it is not possible for a country’s foreign policies to be managed based on irrational considerations.

There are no winners in this crisis apart from those outside the ring; so washing dirty linen in public and hitting below the belt must end, considering the unprecedented crossing of the redline. We witness behaviors that are unbecoming of people who are unfortunately described as statespersons, and such behaviors do not exempt honor.

The issue here is that the strength of Arabian Gulf countries lies in the existence of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Once the knot of this Council is united, every country in it has a lot to lose. Worst of all, there is no other assembly that will be able to compensate this Council.

This is due to the fact that the Council was built on the conviction that no other council can stand as an alternative; hence, the solution is for everyone to turn to the voice of wisdom and long-term insight. Everyone should always remember, “A man’s pride will be safe as long as he is in his own house.”


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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