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Supreme Council not presenting any plan for improving education – Secretary-general blamed for negative impact

KUWAIT CITY, May 24: Even though Kuwait has aspirations to advance the level of educational system and improve its output, the Supreme Education Council continues with its deafening silence policy for four years now, not having presented any significant plan or action for developing the education sector of the country, reports Aljarida daily.

The level of education in Kuwait has been continuously declining when compared with the international standards. Considering this fact, the council is supposed to be preparing plans, programs and mechanisms to eliminate obstacles that face the development of the country’s education sector. Sources from Ministry of Education affirm that the council has not presented any realistic and good-quality educational plan that can be implemented to better the educational situation in the country.

They expressed astonishment over the renewal of the tenure of current Secretary General of the Education Supreme Council Rawdhan Al- Rawdhan even though his policies has not produced any development in the education spectrum since he assumed the position. His tenure has been renewed despite the nature of the council’s role and its mandate, which is supposed to create some positive development or rather bring a positive shift in the country’s education system.

The sources indicated that the work mechanism on which the council operates has transformed it into a place similar to a break-room for its employees. They clarified that significant number of employees in the council do not perform any role worth mentioning in the aspect of presenting plans or programs that serve the education process. Some even fail to adhere to the official working hours.

The sources said Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammad Al-Fares received applications for the renewal of the tenure of the current secretary general. They explained that the minister held a meeting with Al-Rawdhan two months ago during which Dr Al-Fares requested him to present his plans and programs for developing the education system.

However, the minister has not yet received any plan or program that can serve in creating changes and improving the education system. Dr. Al-Fares wanted to review the council’s administration, but due to the pressure imposed on him, the tenure of the current administration was renewed; the same administration from which the minister had asked for plans and programs to develop and solve the challenges faced by the country’s educational system.

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