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Suicide rate up in Kuwait; 40 suicide cases in 4 months

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KUWAIT CITY, June 27: With the exceptional circumstances (the outbreak of the corona pandemic) that the country is facing, the surge in suicide and attempts to end life in Kuwait has taken a new direction, in terms of their numbers, motives, methods, causes, and even ages, which casts doubts to what extent these cases are related to psychological pressures and economic consequences.

The number of suicides has increased in recent times, and reliable sources disclosed the security authorities have recorded 40 suicides in 4 months from Feb 25 until June 27, 2020, most of which are by Asians, in addition to 15 attempts. In fact, this indicates the rationality of the questions about the relationship between ‘corona’ and the tendency towards suicide.

Sources linked the increase in suicides and imposing precautionary measures to confronting the pandemic and said the investigations show in most cases that those who ended their lives were in bad psychological and economic state due to work suspension and no income or little income because some companies had stopped paying the workers’ wages, in addition to the limitation of work opportunities for the daily wage workers, in addition to other factors related to the customs, traditions and beliefs of some communities

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