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Sunday , November 28 2021

Story of three neighbors


Some people are not at peace until they rub their ‘skin’ against a stone.

A writer harshly blamed colleague Badr Al-Bahr, a specialist and expert in Islamic economics, after praising his writings and describing them as “interesting” and distinguished in the presentation.

Such blame came under the pretext the writer being influenced by the writings of the liberals and the press neighborhood. He said that if we want to satisfy the Jews and the Christians, all what we have to do is insult and falsely talk about Islamic groups and currents.

He described colleague Badr’s recent article as ‘disturbing’ him personally. He said it is full of fallacies and incitement, called it poor, and added he was not expected to reach that level of rivalry, and his demand calling on the state to dry up and stop funding its opponents from the unlicensed religious parties is unacceptable.

The writer continues in his reprehensible attack against colleague Badr saying that elections are at the door, and people know the good from the bad, and they know who represents them and who doesn’t and who cheats them, and exploit the media and the relative freedom to strike opponents with right and wrong is something he does not wish.

Colleague Badr responded to him, in a subsequent article, saying he is satisfied with what he has achieved and what he has made of a great way to educate society about the importance of real education in cooperation with academics, activists and institutions, and his role in approving the decision not to accept certificates that are ‘not equivalent’.

Al-Bahr added that he found copies of false and fake certificates of some symbols of religious political parties and others, and this was why he demanded to dry up the sources of these parties and to overthrow them in the upcoming elections because some of their symbols have committed the crime of forging certificates, lying and deceiving the public, and the whole party defending them, which deprives them of the authority of legislation and oversight role in the Parliament.

In light of these facts, colleague Badr goes on to say, “There is no need for cooperation with a liberal who wears a ‘suit’ and smokes a cigar and writes an article to convince him of his demand to overthrow any religious or non-religious party that defends forgery, rather, it was sufficient for him to personally own copies of these false and fake certificates.

We return to the subject of accusations hurled at writer colleague Badr Al-Bahr of being influenced by my personality and my writings, and I describe his accusations ‘empty’ so why was he (Badr) not influenced by him, since he is also his neighbor, and is closer to him ‘ideologically’, as he said?

If we assume that Brother Badr was influenced by me, am I convicted of a crime that violates honesty and honor, a charge against some for several months, and got out of it through a miracle? Was my company’s shareholders’ money stolen? Did the liberal current, which does not exist in the first place, as the senior followers of the Brotherhood did, in achieving wealth lawfully and unlawfully exploited contracts and tenders?

Has my life, over the past 76 years, been an employee, manager and member of a bank’s board of directors, owner of companies and financial interests, spotted with a point, just an unethical or illegal point?

If the answer to all of the above questions is negative, then what harm is there, with full respect, if Badr Al-Bahr or anyone else is influenced by my writings?

Fear, all fear if someone is influenced by writings of a bad neighbor.

e-mail: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

By Ahmad alsarraf

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