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Monday , February 24 2020

‘ Stop recruitment of expatriate worker’s ‘

MP Saleh Ashour

KUWAIT CITY, July 14: The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) is not serious in correcting the lopsided population structure of the country, says MP Saleh Ashour.

Ashour made the statement based on information he obtained that the Egyptian Labor Directorate is receiving approximately 5,000 applicants to work in Kuwait every month. “If this number is consistent, there will be around 60,000 new workers per year,” he pointed out.

He urged all concerned ministers to stop the recruitment of a large number of expatriate workers and address the lopsided population structure issue immediately as it will continue putting tremendous pressure on public services.

In another development, MP Ahmed Al-Fadel said the next legislative round will witness ratification of more laws than the previous rounds, pointing out the number of legislative achievements has increased since the beginning of the 15th term.

He revealed the first round of the 15th term witnessed the passage of six laws and this number doubled in the second round with the ratification of 12 laws. He cited the most important draft laws that will be addressed in the next round such as the Journalism Bill, which is currently under deliberations at the parliamentary Educational Affairs Committee; as well as the proposed amendment of the Sports Law to increase government’s financial support for sports clubs from KD 750,000 to KD 1.5 million.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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