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Thursday , August 13 2020

Stop joy killer’s cult

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THEY are assassinating joy in Kuwait; we are not exaggerating about this.

They indeed are killing everything good in this country. In fact, the political factions that dominated the political scene in the last two decades have rendered bigotry as the main trait of our society. They cast the country into a furnace of conflicts over issues which are not something that Kuwaitis are accustomed to throughout their history.

Therefore, when we witness the gloomy scene in the National Assembly, the frivolous rush of interpellations, the impediments to development, and the phenomena of holding the country captive to personal interests and prohibiting any kind of development, we realize all these are the outcomes of the consecutive governments’ slackness in dealing with factions of darkness.

These factions benefited from interchanging interests with other factions, and focused on passing laws from which the Kuwaitis are reaping bitter fruits.

Tomorrow, the scene in the parliament will be dusty. Within it, the rush to inter-deal will intensify between those who fear confrontation and seek peace – even if it is at the expense of the country and its people – and the masters of political blackmail who have been training with the punch-bag (government) for years.

The toll of all this is the terrible deterioration of services and plans. This is because some companies are allied to MPs, and based on this, these companies set their own cost for projects, the same projects that were exposed to be a major crisis following the heavy rains experienced in the country few months ago.

The only description for such a crisis is planned looting. Unfortunately, the case is still being tossed around within the corridors of investigation committees without arriving at a firm decision. This is due to the fact that “the one in the trap is larger than the sparrow”.

There is obfuscation of issues in the recent rush of interpellations, which aims at weakening Kuwait and preventing its agencies from focusing on confronting the lurking dangers in the region that Kuwait undoubtedly is not exempted from.

The principle of “You scratch my back and I scratch yours” prevails in every corridor of the parliamentary life. Those who call themselves liberals pass whatever those who hiding behind the religious cloak want in order to fulfill some personal interests in that faction, and vice versa.

All this is happening due to trade-offs offered by the consecutive governments, which in turn negatively affected the country’s culture and history of openness, change and development in every aspect of life.

Meanwhile, the neighboring countries are opening up and creating joy for its citizens. Instead of upholding the flame of all that and continuing as an example in the field of development, Kuwait has become a victim of those who still live in the caves of Middle Ages.

If not for the higher directives, we would not have seen the opera house and the art and cultural centers of international standards. In fact, we would have been under the mercy of those who fuss over even the National Day celebrations held in Mubarakiya Market.

Even when the idea of Hariri City (Silk City) was floated and Kuwait became a part of the global “Belt and Road” initiative project, individuals with personal interests surfaced and protested this major step, because either they are afraid of openness and development or they feel the jitters when there is joy among Kuwaitis.

The same people seem unmoved when it comes to the widespread phenomenon of drug use in the country and other negative phenomena which Kuwait have never been accustomed to before these factions became killers of joy.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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