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‘Stop giving driving licenses to non-professional residents’ – ‘Use buses to beat traffic congestion’

Dr-Khaled-AljenfawiAccording to a recent report by the Arab Times, “the worst nightmare that a road user could experience is being caught in an unyielding and unmerciful traffic congestion that might delay arrival to any certain destination.

It has been a long troublesome issue-affecting people in Kuwait and the question remains. How to solve this problem? Some individuals blame it on owning an increasing number of private vehicles” (Source: KUNA, Sept 19, 2015). In addition to the increasing number of people who violate traffic laws, traffic congestions in Kuwait can be blamed on the reason that almost 100 % of public transportation’s users are expats: Kuwaitis never use public transportation’s!

Moreover, the ability of hundreds of thousands of both expats and citizens to buy their own private cars is making traffic congestion’s unbearable. However, one cannot prevent anyone from buying their own vehicle if they are able to pay for its price; therefore, a more comprehensive approach to traffic congestion problems is needed.

For example, why not introduce another public transportation company into the Kuwaiti transportation market? Why not make this new transportation company adopt higher standards of luxurious services, so most of the population in Kuwait would start to use the service, instead of using their own cars? Furthermore, the government needs to set up new regulations governing the use of public transportation.

An individual who has been used to traveling on Western public transportation buses will notice immediately how clean most European and American public buses are. We need the government to ensure some kind of quality control regarding the conditions in some of our public transportation.

Providing good quality public transportation will definitely reduce the number of traffic jams in Kuwait. Also, why allow non-professional expats to drive cars in Kuwait. I believe that the General Traffic Department should make it harder for private car owners to work in Kuwait as taxi drivers: while at the same time congesting our streets with their reckless driving.

The chaotic traffic scenes in Kuwait will continue to worsen unless the government takes more effective steps to reduce traffic congestion’s: providing more appropriate public transportation’s, well-kept, clean and perhaps with a little bit of luxury, are few good steps.

Finally, limiting the issuing of driving licenses to professional expats and to those who really need to acquire a car, are also steps in the right direction. khaldaljenfawi@yahoo.com

By Khaled Aljenfawi

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