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Stolen manhole covers land in scrapyard – Call to arrest, deport offenders

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 16: Manhole covers have found their way far from their designated places as they ended up in metal selling areas (scrapyard), according to a video clip posted on a social networking website by environmental activist and Chairman of Green Line Group Khaled Al-Hajiri.

The video clip showed hundreds of manhole covers, belonging to the Ministry of Public Works, stolen from several main and internal streets. These manhole covers were piled up in one of the stalls in the scrapyard and were being sold openly.

The social media went abuzz on the issue and appealed to officials of the Interior Ministry to arrest those involved in stealing and selling manhole covers, as many of the streets in the country have become risky due to the uncovered manholes. Calls have been repeatedly made to the concerned authorities to enact laws that deter anyone caught stealing, in possession or selling manhole covers, which might include deportation in cases where the offenders are expatriates.

By Khaled Al-Hattab Al-Seyassah Staff

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