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Stay in Kuwait; hot everywhere

THE Western European countries have been gripped by an unexpected and unprecedented hot weather for years. We saw scenes of naked men and women dancing under a water fountain in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, where temperatures have recently reached 30 degree Celsius.

We have seen almost the same scene in London where men and women, most of them are quite nude riding their bicycles on a London street, next to London’s famous double-decker buses, when the temperature was 30 degrees centigrade last week.

Some of us wondered if those people would come and live in our countries, so the shops selling clothes will declare bankruptcy. We go back to the wave of hot weather that strikes London because it is the favorite European country for our Kuwaiti brothers and sisters, families and singles as well. It is the favorite tourist destination for many Kuwaitis — the rich of course.

The number of citizens spending their summer vacation in London was much bigger in the past but recently many have changed their destination to other countries like Spain and France.

The British Meteorological Department warned last Monday that the temperature will reach its peak this week, and is expected to reach 33 degrees centigrade, according to the British newspaper ‘Mirror’.

The irony is that the temperature mentioned (33) Celsius, which was expected to hit Britain Tuesday and Wednesday, was 8 degrees higher than the annual average, and the temperature in Britain will be similar to that of Somalia and Mauritania located on the outskirts of African desert.

And the English are careful in their cautious expectations (unlike ours). Frightened by the expansion of railways network from the intensity of the heat, the British train drivers are asked to drive slowly, while the British labor unions, said employees should not be forced to wear neckties or suits as much as possible and passengers travelling by train should carry water bottles with them during their trips.

Wimbledon competition, which is usually held at this time of each year, will be affected and there is a possibility of postponement or even cancellation because of the unusual temperature.

Experts also said that Britain should prepare for the worst, of “flying insects and ants,” which will appear extensively in the country in June instead of July, which is normally the case.

With all these hot news, we advise our Kuwaiti brothers to “stick to their land” this summer.

Kuwaitis, with its temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius, remain in your cars, houses, government institutions and air-conditioned commercial facilities, which are better and more merciful than Great Britain where houses and facilities are not normally fitted with air conditioners.

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil


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