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Statement foils attempt by parliamentary ‘exploiters’

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE action taken by the Kuwaitis whose citizenships were revoked was excellent, especially after they issued a statement which stopped the parliamentarians from frivoling with their case, and instead redirecting it to its proper course.

The MPs exploited the sufferings of these people with the aim of fulfilling their own personal and electoral interests. They disregarded the pain endured by these people, instead of adhering to the least sense of responsibility.

Today, we have to ask — What was the fuss about in the previous months when the parliamentarians were trading with the suffering of these people despite having prior knowledge of not being able to change the status quo of the matter pertaining to the withdrawn citizenships?

All they did was reveal their true nature of being ignorant of the least constitutional principles especially those related to the sovereignty, which can never be overlooked. Citizenship is one of the pillars of the sovereignty that is one among the sole authorities of His Highness the Amir.

Maybe the MPs were aware of this but they intentionally strived to transgress the entity and authority of His Highness the Amir in a bid to revive their old and infamous destructive scheme.

Intuitively, neither the parliamentary campaigns with their disgraced objectives nor the courts could tamper with issues related to citizenship. The proper door is the one on which those whose citizenships were withdrawn had recently decided to knock.

All the intimidations and agitations practiced by some of the parliamentarians throughout past several months were aimed at taking advantage of people’s emotions. Even the threats they issued against the lifting of subsidies of fuel and other goods and services were just stances aimed at buying time. This was because they had placed their bet on the dissolution of the parliament, which was an absurd miscalculation that indicates how short their perspective is.

In line with the proverb “Empty vessels make more noise”, the past experiences have proven that these parliamentarians talk a lot because they know they are not able to perform.

Therefore, the government is required to stand firm on its decisions and never submit. The government should not be afraid of any interpellation or questioning, not even the campaigns on social media or any seminars because all these are just political shows. If the government succumbs to them, it will unfortunately open the door for the destruction of Kuwait through compromises.

It was said in the past that “If you want your demands to be met, demand what is achievable”. These parliamentarians have never demanded anything that is achievable or even reasonable and in the interest of Kuwait. Instead, their ceiling of demands has been higher than what the State can meet.

Therefore, attempts to flatter and please them are suicidal, especially regarding the essence of sovereignty. It is enough what Kuwaitis have endured in the past years owing to the wrangles that paralyzed the country and almost lost it. History will never show mercy on those who failed to learn from it.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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