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Thursday , December 1 2022

State must return to its ‘bright face’

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The Ministry of Endowments expressed its happiness to hold a lecture on ‘Feminist Thought and its Danger to Society’, the so many protests and pressures prompted the Ministry to change the title of the lecture to something less offensive and provocative, but these pressures were increasing and led it to cancelling the lecture, devoid of taste in its subject and content, at least.

The role of women in our lives has become decisive and well-known, after centuries of oppression and marginalization, and it is impossible to return to what the forces of underdevelopment want that were silenced in the neighboring countries, so they came to us spreading their toxins because women are not a sex machines for reproduction and cooking, as they have a sound mind and full of humanity and thought that exceed the level of those who would like to return them to the caves of the Taliban!

The decision to cancel the lecture infuriated the lecturer, so he attacked the decision to stop the lecture, and hinted in a tweet that the diseases of society such as the increase in divorce cases, violent crimes and the disintegration of the family are due to feminist thought and the freedom that women have become accustomed to enjoying.

He did not put blame on men, especially the likes of his group. He also did not realize that society’s problems are bigger and more complex, and they will not end but will inevitably increase whenever a man obtains a permit to deal with women as he wants, and to subject her to his authority to be obedient to his abnormalities and his desires by dominating her and her thought.

He ignores that they are our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our wives, our aunts and we do not see in them what he sees that requires corrections based on his worn out specifications, but we see the exact opposite.

I do not know the reason for his insistence and others criticizing women’s thought and his apparent disregard for the fact that the least employers of women, for example, are the most corrupt, especially with regard to crimes of embezzlement of public money, random recruitment and appointment, forged certificates, and news of what is happening in religious authorities and bodies is a crystal clear evidence to us.

The suspension of the lecture coincided with the spread of news that the authorities had removed a plastic Christmas tree from a mall. By questioning, it was found that the news was not accurate, as the removal took place due to the shop owner’s violation of the terms of the contract with the administration of the complex with regard to its size, height and location, and the authorities had nothing to do with the matter, and this in itself is good news, we are thirsty to hear something similar.

Your Highness, the Crown Prince. We are tired of all this unjustified religious fanaticism. They have made everything around us forbidden, and ruined the joy in our hearts, and it is time to follow the example of our brothers. The rule of the mullahs has ended, and the state must return to its bright face after the hardliners succeeded, for more than half a century, in covering it with sadness, worry and grief.

Mrs. Angela Merkel, who is by the way a woman, left power after she led Germany, the most powerful, largest and most prestigious country in Europe, for 16 brilliant years during which she did not put 100 fils in her pocket.

If the matter were in the hands of the lecturer, he would ask her to stay in her house and not leave it except for three reasons: marriage… treatment… and to be buried in the cemetery.

In the midst of our preoccupation, the people and the government, with the attitude towards women and the plastic tree, America yesterday launched a missile carrying a great telescope that will enable humanity to see the beginning of the formation of the universe 14 billion years ago.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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