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Sunday , December 15 2019

Sponsoring new born in Kuwait

Kindly let me know 2019 rules for the new born baby residence. I am on Visa 18 working in Kuwait and my salary is KD 375. My husband will come back on a new Visa 18 in the month of March but his salary on the paper is less than KD 200. Delivery is in the month of June in Kuwait. I want to know if we can make residence for our baby?

Name withheld
Under Kuwaiti law it is only the man who can sponsor any member of the family on a dependent visa. You are, therefore, ruled out from sponsoring the expected child. Your husband’s monthly salary of less than KD 200 falls far short of the KD 450 required to qualify to sponsor the expected child. With these explanations, you are left with no option than to send the child out of Kuwait within sixty days after delivery. If you and your husband don’t do that you will fall foul of the law and suffer the consequences thereof.

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