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Speaker vote push for ‘COVID-19’ MPs

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 10: MP-elect Muhammad Al-Mutair said the lawmakers infected with coronavirus should not be prevented from attending the opening session. He urged the Secretariat General at the Assembly to coordinate with the Ministry of Health in order to prepare a room adjacent to Abdullah Al-Salem Hall for the infected lawmakers, so they can participate in the session – particularly the procedures included in the agenda such as the election of the new Speaker.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the National Assembly Allam Al-Kandari congratulated the MPs-elect for winning the people’s trust during the 2020 parliamentary elections. He affirmed the Secretariat General at the Assembly has completed preparations to welcome the newly elected MPs at 12:00 noon on Sunday to brief them about the technical and administrative systems at Abdullah Al-Salem Hall which are designed to ease procedures for the lawmakers, as well as the services provided by different departments and Media Center in the legislature.

MP-elect Ahmed Mutei Al-Azmi denied the rumors that former MP Majed Mussaed Al-Mutairi filed a complaint about the results of the elections, and that the latter replaced him in the 10th place in their constituency.

MP-elect Hamad Muhammad Al- Matar asserted that the time has come for the ratification of a law obligating the Ministry of Interior to announce the election results in detail right after the announcement of judges tasked to supervise the elections.

He said another law is needed on specifying the deadline for issuing a decision on complaints about the election results before the opening session of the new Assembly. MP-elect Khalid Al-Otaibi called on HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al- Khaled to respond to the message conveyed by majority of the MPs-elect on voting for MP-elect Badr Al-Humaidi as Speaker.

He pointed out the first step for the government to prove its willingness to cooperate with the legislature is to either vote for Al-Humaidi or abstain from voting and leave the decision in the hands of lawmakers.

By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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