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‘Some Customs personnel facilitating criminal activities’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 3: Concerned authorities sounded danger at some Customs outlets of the country, casting shadows of suspicion around some employees involved in facilitating drug smuggling, as indicated by some MPs who closely monitor the issue, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In 2018, General Administration of Customs (KGAC) received books from security sources alleging the involvement of eight employees in cases of trafficking, abuse, drug smuggling, bribery, forged official documents and attempts to facilitate exit of persons wanted by law.

Sources revealed that several employees are involved in cases of misdemeanor and crime, and there is lack of precautionary measures in dealing with this reality, as some of the accused are still on their jobs despite their involvement in those cases.

The same sources added four employees are still conducting their regular activities despite their involvement in human trafficking in 2017. They noted a minimum of six inspectors are suspected to be involved in cases related to the possession of narcotic substances for the purpose of consumption or trafficking.

Meanwhile, in 10 years, one employee has been charged with 10 cases from forged official documents to theft, while another employee was charged with 10 cases over three years ranging from theft, fraud, dishonesty and telephone abuse.

More than 100 employees of KGAC with criminal records have been convicted of crimes related to assault, consensual sex, telephone abuse, abduction and possession of weapons and ammunition, theft and robbery by force and fraud, incitement to immorality and other issues. Forty six customs officers are charged with the following: 1-Assaulting (25 employees) 2- Possession of weapons and ammunition (4 employees). 3- Theft and robbery (7 employees). 4- Drug abuse and trafficking (10 employees).

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