Somalis shackled for days during a botched US deportation attempt

Somali refugee boys recite Holy Quran at a madrassa, or Islamic religious school, at Dadaab refugee camp, which currently hosts over 230,000 inhabitants, in northern Kenya, on Dec 19. (AP)

Ninety two Somalis sat bound and shackled on an airplane for nearly two days, some urinating on themselves, during a botched US deportation attempt, a class-action lawsuit filed in the United States says. US immigration agents “kicked, struck, choked and dragged detainees” during the journey that began Dec 7, the lawsuit filed in US District Court in Miami says. Some of the Somalis were put in straitjackets.

The flight to Somalia from Louisiana reached Dakar, Senegal before sitting on the runway for 23 hours and returning to the US because the relief crew was not rested enough, the lawsuit says. (AP)

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