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Solace found in West – Why go to ‘unbelievers’ ?

This article is an extract from an article written by the Syrian colleague Mohammad Al-Bawadi and posted on the Phoenix website.

Many people, intelligent, ignorant or ordinary, say the same thing about us being backward. They say the reason is we are nowhere near Islam. However, did Japan, the United States, Europe, China and even Russia progress because they are close to Islam or any other religion?

Is adherence to Sharia or religion the secret of their stability? What is the relationship between religion and manufacturers of aircraft, intercontinental ballistic missiles, laboratory experiments, development and discoveries?

Why do our governments allow thousands of clerics to curse the infidels from the pulpits of their mosques and call them descendants of monkeys and pigs; that they will burn in the fires of hell, but no sooner someone is ‘sick’ the person takes the first available flight to the country of the infidels for treatment. Not just that, their children attend the best universities in the country of the infidels to receive the best education.

Can someone tell us why we abandon our herbs and other medicines when we fall sick and accept the medicines manufactured by the infidels and receive treatment in their hospitals at the hands of their doctors? Why when the poor are forced to leave their homelands, they find only the unbelievers to receive them with open arms, receive shelter in their houses of worship and even the heads of churches to ‘wash their feet’?

When our countries are struck by natural calamities such as famine and others, why do we seek assistance from the countries of the infidels in the form of food and clothing to our children? Why do we deposit our money, bonds, shares and real estate into the banks of the infidels, is it not for the sake of safe keeping?

And if we want a fair, impartial and correct opinion, we resort to the infidels for advice. If we want to protect our borders and our very existence from our brothers in the doctrine, origin and language, we find no one to support us except the infidel.

If we want to get the correct information, we only find sources and documents from the infidels? When we want to increase the food production we use the seeds of the infidels. When we are tired of washing clothes with our hands with water from the sea, when we want clean drinking water, we import desalination plants, and we import washing machines and means of transport, air conditioners for offices and homes, lipsticks, deodorants, shaving cream, toothpaste, and even straw brooms from the infidels.

In the land of infidels, a citizen is not arrested because he attacked a cleric. In our countries punishment awaits us.

In the land of the infidels, women do not hide behind a veil, nor do they judge the man with the length of his beard and shortness of his garment. In their countries, they do not allow fatwas to control their lives, the Constitution is stable and the laws are clear.

Yes, we want a secular, democratic, free and beautiful homeland like the homes of the infidels, a homeland in which the scientist, the doctor, the university professor, and the teacher are given the same respect as the cleric. We want a homeland that does not differentiate between a Hindu, a Christian, a Shiite or a Sunni.

Will we ever be able to this type of a country, or will we continue to curse the infidel West and suffice with the dream of imitating it, its system, its laws and its style of life – either in public and sometimes in secret — to enjoy its benefits and relax in its justice and beauty of its nature?

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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