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Soft blade of Muhammed Bin Zayed bleeds Emirates’ enemies

CHAOS witnessed by the Arab media in the past seven years could be attributed to the unprecedented lack of decorum and failure to follow traditions. Gulf countries never witnessed the current deviation from values and customs — more than the practices of Nazi media, including lies and distortion of facts.

Al-Jazeera TV has intensified allegations on the declaration of four countries about imposing blockade on Qatar. The media outlet, which belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, followed in the footsteps of Al-Jazeera TV as it adopted the same attitude which lacks the most basic morals and protocols.

The status quo obligates analyzers to exert more efforts in research and investigation to avoid falling into the trap of spreading lies, especially after the accusations hurled at a number of leaders and senior officials in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia broadcasted daily by suspicious TV channels. Those following up fabricated stories broadcasted from Qatar, Iran and Turkey might think that the dispute between a husband and wife in Costa Rica was caused by Sheikh Muhammed Bin Zayed or Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

These TV channels repeatedly alleged that there have been disputes among Emirati leaders — between the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Ruler of Dubai or between King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. These allegations portray a fabulous image of war among leaders and the officials in charge or between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

They repeatedly talked about secret prisons in the Emirates. Ironically, nobody heard about these secret prisons except the editors of false reports. Since they failed to prove their claims, they immediately changed the reports saying the prisons are located in Yemen. If we investigate the issue, we will find out that they talked about legitimate jails in Yemen under international monitoring meant for investigating members of DAESH and al-Qaeda. It has been discovered that the jails have nothing to do with the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, these jails are not mentioned in the reports of international organizations which are active in the human rights field.

Muhammed Bin Zayed responds to such media campaigns with patience as if he drank from Jacob’s river of patience. He receives lies with a smile which reflects his confidence and conscience as the role he plays is in favor of his country and the neighboring countries as well.

Moreover, he does not care about fake stories that the Emirati Army suffered too much in battles waged by Arab alliances in this or that city. As Deputy Supreme Commander of the Emirati Armed Forces, Muhammed Bin Zayed has refuted the silly fiction created by those who neglect facts and do not accept realities.

This man continues to enjoy a normal life daily and does not give importance to these lies. In fact, these lies turned into anecdotes narrated in gatherings, even their latest claim about a drone which bombed Abu Dhabi Airport covering 1,500 kilometers to reach him. It is a lie that even chief propagandist Goebbels could never invent. They tried to fabricate stories about Socotra Island and many other scenarios in this regard, as if Yemen is a deserted place with no people and anything could be done there away from media scrutiny. However, when it became a mocking story, the silence of graves eclipsed them; especially after the Yemenis discovered the lies and aspersions.

When such false rumors spread, one thinks nothing occupies Sheikh Muhammed Bin Zayed other than that; but the opposite is the reality. He is working towards completion of development plans in his country and strengthening ties with the brothers. The latest of which is the Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council which aims to deepen friendly ties between the two nations. The council is the result of concerted efforts exerted by him and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. As frequented by the media in Qasr Al-Bahr in Abu Dhabi, the objective of the council is to strengthen coordination in the implementation of projects and programs. This is in addition to moving forward the wheels of trade exchange between two key members of the GCC — the council which needs more dynamic mechanisms in terms of routine and consensus in all decisions which almost burdened it and slowed it down.

All rumors spread last year or since the beginning of severing ties and imposing blockade died for a very simple reason — their intestines carry the poison of lies. Whoever looks deep into the reasons will realize one fact — the fatal attacks on the Brotherhood in the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt and unveiling of the ugly faces of those who stand behind the group and move it although they are drowning in terrorist works up to their ears made them unsatisfied with those who led the operation to rescue the nation from the evil of terrorism and the Brotherhood Group, particularly in the wake of the Egyptians revolting against it.

By then, the group found itself losing its stronghold. Instead of leaving Egypt, this Arab capital and the cornerstone of Arab solidarity, and eliminating chaos sought by the office of villains; the GCC countries, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, stepped in to help the land of Canaan as the leaders of these countries believe that what hurts the flourishing Nile hurts their countries too.

Whoever lives with Muhammed Bin Zayed and gets news from his inner circles will find out that the man walks among his people without guards most of the time. He shares in his people’s happiness. If this is the case with Muhammed Bin Zayed and what the rumors say, what Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman received in the past few months is worse; especially when he was absent from his usual activities for days. He was on leave inside the Kingdom, yet a lot of stories were invented. Al-Jazeera broadcasted reports on his alleged injuries at Qasr Al-Khuzami when a drone erroneously entered the palace. Many lies were told about the incident. The channel and Brotherhood media carried the news as the headline for several days, but the truth will hold them back once it is discovered.

If we are talking about real war, the media campaign against Muhammed Bin Zayed is one of the ugliest forms of war which lacks the most basic values and ethics. However, there is one constant truth — Sheikh Muhammed Bin Zayed has a soft blade for the opponents of his country and its people, as well as those who threaten the GCC and those attempting to play with national security of the Emirates and other GCC countries. He is with his people, a tolerant man who has many qualities of a leader under whom he was educated — the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan.

Muhammed Bin Zayed and the leadership of the United Arab Emirates have done justice to their rule. For that, they are satisfied with what they are doing; fully protected by the loyalty of the people as well as the appreciation, respect and love they enjoy in the region and the Arab world.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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