Society’s reply little late – Points to ponder

Ahmad Al-Sarraf

I am not supposed to respond to an article written by the Vice-President of the ‘Patients Helping Fund’ society because for more than ten years, the society had ignored responding to my articles in which I had accused the society of negligence. However, out of respect to the father of the vice-president, Rashid Al- Tawheed, and the role he has played at the national level and because I want to ask some questions, I have decided to reply this time. If I was the lawyer of your society, I would have advised it to respond firmly.

The Vice-President Dr Adel Al-Tawheed says I consistently attack the society solely due to its Islamic orientation, although this trend awakens my sensitivity. Here I ask: How do you know what is in my heart? Is it not assumed that a society by religious men be more honest and transparent in their work? If I go through all points mentioned in the article of Dr Adel it will take some space in this article; therefore I will be brief and I hope he will answer my questions transparently and in total honesty.

The society’s accountant has embezzled nearly $4 million over four years. What was the board of directors doing, and what were the auditors looking at all these years. Whey the theft was not discovered?

1. Is it possible that none of you, even the porter, let alone the members of Board of Directors, have committed gross negligence?

2. Is it true that the embezzled money has been recovered in full from the accountant, as has been mentioned by you? Can you explain, how and where, and what was the fate of the embezzler although I doubt this allegation.

3. You say some points of sale (POS) in hospitals are licensed. Since you did not mention the number of the licensed POS, does it not mean a vast majority of them are not licensed? Do you recognize explicitly that you violate the law, and are working without a license?

4. You reported that the licenses of your POS are at a standstill for years due to misunderstanding or dispute between the Municipality, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and the Ministry of Health and awaiting approval. Is this a legitimate excuse for someone who is committed religiously to continue the sales without license and in violation of the law?

5. You said most workers at your POS carry valid health permits and although I doubt this statement of yours, does that not mean that some do not carry these permits? Is this not a violation of the law? Does this mean some workers are exempted from having the health permits?

6. Can you say for sure, you’re a doctor, that those who do not carry the health permits are free from infectious diseases?

7. Why was MP Adel Al-Dhamkhi in particular, who is said to belong to your political religious party, given the charge to manage all these POS, which are believed to be 90, and prevented others from doing so?

8. Which are the other parties, other than MP Al-Dhamki, which have been franchised ‘amicably’ to manage the interests of the POS, including the sale of fl owers and gift items, to run nurseries and other odd errands?

9. Why has the society recently begun operating restaurants and cafés, and that too without license, under foreign names? Is it a kind of camoufl age?

10. Finally, why has the society remained silent for more than ten years to respond to my accusations and decided to respond now? Is it because the interests of those who manage the POS are threatened after MP Ahmad Al-Fadhel opened the can of worms?


By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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