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Wednesday , August 21 2019

Snapchat, social media spoiling teenage people – ‘Alien to tradition, culture’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 3: Close watchers of the mobile application ‘snapchat’ and other social media networking sites observe an increasing rate of liquor and illicit drug consumption among the youth, in addition to stunts considered alien to the tradition and culture of Kuwaiti society.

It has been noted that individuals using their accounts to post photos of liquor and undesirable scenarios target minors, teenagers and young ladies. For this reason, some of the target groups are seen on roads dancing and holding bottles of liquor, while others consume illicit drugs like ‘larika’ or ‘chemical’, because they consider the trend as normal.

Warnings against such acts have reached deaf ears in the sense that several youths and teenagers have been spending their nights promoting acts that threaten their future—as they engage in indecent behavior by playing music and dancing on streets, culverts or parks and posting videos on social networking site ‘livechat’ in violation of religious, ethical and social values.

The close watchers have urged government to stand firm against such acts before the youth is completely drawn into dark and destructive pitfall.

They are of the view that whoever shares such posts will influence others to follow their trail if they go unpunished. They said those misbehaving did not limit their activities to consumption of liquor, illicit drugs and stunt driving but also put innocent lives in danger while driving in excessive speed on the roads and snapping photos.

They blame the families and security operatives for the widespread act resulting from failure to curb the excesses of gullible individuals, urging the government to activate relevant laws against perpetrators who encourage bad behavior in order to protect the youth, as well as values and ethics.

By Munaif Nayef Al-Seyassah Staff

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