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Saturday , November 28 2020

Sleuths bust another domestic labor supplying office; 10 held – Shrimp fishing begins today: official

KUWAIT CITY, July 31: Chairman of Kuwait Fishermen Union Zaher Al-Souyan confirmed resumption of shrimp fishing in international waters on Aug 1, wishing all fishermen good luck.

Al-Souyan disclosed the union was surprised by the decision of the Borders General Department requiring fishermen to hold their passports while getting in and out of international waters to fish shrimps. He pointed out that earlier, they were allowed to fish in international waters just by holding their civil identification cards.

He then advised all fishermen to hold their passports, stressing the need to have their passports sealed each time they leave and return from fishing in international waters.

He was quick to clarify though that the decision on obligating fishermen to hold their passports was cancelled for this season due to certain problems, including the escape of some fishermen because they were holding their passports. He revealed this caused enormous losses to Kuwaiti fishermen as their boats were suspended for one year.

He added that after suspending shrimp fishing, a mechanism was implemented to seal a document authorized by the Borders General Directorate and obligating the fishermen to hold their original civil identification cards instead of their passports.

He disclosed Borders General Department’s decision infuriated fishermen, indicating the decision will prompt a large number of fishermen to desert this profession and search for another.

He called on the Borders General Department to revise the decision because once it is implemented, they will not be able to meet the consumers’ demand for shrimps.

Agencies add:

Bogus office busted: The Residency Affairs Investigation Department in the Ministry of Interior recently busted a bogus domestic labor office, which has been deceiving citizens and expatriates by making agreements with them to provide domestic workers.

In a press statement, the Public Relations and Security Media General Department disclosed that the raid happened after receiving information about a gang running a bogus domestic labor office through which they have been swindling citizens and expatriates. The informant revealed that the office issued invoices to oblivious clients while claiming to be a licensed domestic labor office.

After verifying the gang’s operations and taking legal measures, the securitymen raided their hideout. This led to the arrest of 10 Asians and discovery of fake invoices.

During interrogation and upon checking their identification, the officers found out that the gang members violated the Residency Law and many cases were filed against them including absconding.

Meanwhile, the intensified efforts of securitymen resulted in the arrest of five Asians who violated the Residency Law and had in their possession an undisclosed quantity of alcoholic drinks.

Acting on a tip-off that the suspects were selling liquor, the officers took the necessary steps to arrest the suspects.

They also arrested another Asian for violating the Residency Law in a separate operation.

Disabilities faked: Thousands of disability certificates had been granted to undeserved people, and these people are receiving special care and financial assistance, reports Al-Shahed daily.

One of these underserved people, supposedly blind, was seen driving a car. Another one, supposedly deaf, was exposed by an employee when the latter called his name and he answered him.

A third, who was reported to have walking disability, was seen playing football. A fourth, supposedly dumb, had greeted his manager. The fifth uses wheelchair only when visiting government bodies but he is otherwise seen attending wedding parties and visiting diwaniyas.

By Abdulnasser Al-Aslami

Al-Seyassah Staff

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