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Wednesday , February 26 2020

Sister Jenan, enough with panels

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

I DO NOT think there is a country in the world which could compete with Kuwait in terms of the number of committees formed by the government and Parliament.

These committees are established for fact-finding purposes or to address some unresolved issues. To be more precise, they are formed to bury a problem for which another committee was formed to solve.

I bet a number of committees, since they were established up to this day, and the ones that have not entertained us with results of investigations, are competing with similar committees in countries whose population is in billions such as China and India.

Why are we even saying this? The government and the Parliament should realize that this game of forming committees for certain purposes is outdated. Unfortunately, it is shameful for us when it comes to the corrupt, bribers, forgers and other wicked individuals who transformed our beloved country into a game court being operated based on their standards, levels and interests.
We have been suffering since the heavy rains which exposed more corruption. Our roads harbor pebbles and stones which continue to damage our vehicles. Some even paid a huge amount for these vehicles in a manner that showcases his or her social, occupation and economic status.

Since the heavy rains, our streets have been haunting our vehicles. On those streets, we did not see vehicles and machines of contractors to repair what the rain has exposed like the negligence, dishonesty and irresponsibility of many of those who designed our cities and roads – those who received contracts and another long list of corruption … unfortunately.

What prompted me to write about this issue repeatedly, and we will continue writing until our corrupt and cover up committees come to pass, was the news published by Al-Qabas daily on Jan 6 that Minister of Public Works Eng Jenan Boushehri has formed a technical committee to re-qualify companies previously qualified for various road tenders.

The news revealed that the committee will scrutinize all documents submitted by 20 global companies which underwent qualification process by a consulting office.
It said this committee is mandated to requalify these companies in order to participate in nine road construction contracts which are part of the current fiscal budget. We do not doubt Minister Boushehri’s integrity and sincerity.
We do not doubt the minister’s cooperation with the State Audit Bureau under the leadership of Adel Al-Sar’awi – the whistleblower who exposed the corrupt.

The issue is that we have a problem with the word ‘committee’. Therefore, our sister Jenan, enough with committees.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil
Email: ali-albaghli@hotmail.com

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