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‘Sick personality, heart of lion, mind of rat, wolf’s conscience’ – Scalpel of the fake surgeon

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Ahmad Al-Sarraf

admit I have the courage to break into homes should I decide to do so. I also have the knowledge of how to put those houses under surveillance, climb the walls and open the locks.

I also dare say I have the courage to admit that I can fabricate stories and statements and attribute them to others, and impersonate others and engage in false testimonies.

I do not think I am incapable of embezzling from my workplace, or impersonating a security man or a man of religion, and all what it takes is to wear special clothes and speak in their tongues.

I can also claim knowledge of cooking, and get a job as a cook. They shall not hurt me but dismiss me once they discover the truth. This is a myriad of other professions that I can claim knowledge of and deceive others for a short or a long period of time until they discover the truth. I do not think I am an anomaly here for someone else. We have many such capabilities, but the upbringing and morals, and sense of responsibility prevent them from committing such offences or even think about doing such a thing.

But I also admit that it is difficult, if not impossible for me to impersonate a doctor or surgeon, or to give myself the title of a consultant and carry out very difficult surgeries.

To do this, I need a sick personality, the heart of a lion and the mind of a rat and the conscience of a wolf. Even after getting these qualifications, I will still be unable to carry out fake surgeries, holding the scalpel and cutting pieces of human flesh. This requires special monument high swindling capabilities.

Amazingly, this is exactly what happened in the country of million offenses. The authorities arrested a doctor posing as a consultant surgeon and caused the death of a citizen, and also caused serious complications for a large number of patients who trusted him after he convinced them that he is the head of the plastic surgery department in a big hospital.

Preliminary investigations also proved that he did not have permission to engage in the medical profession in Kuwait, and therefore is not registered with the Ministry of Health, has absolutely no right to make any surgery, cosmetic or other. Then how did it happen?

This man may be able to eventually prove his innocence and leave the country or he may be sentenced to a long prison term, but this is not the issue. This case has preceded a good number of bogus doctors who performed dozens of operations and we do not really know what the destiny of the patients was.

I still ask myself: How he had the courage to hold the scalpel of a surgeon and dismember humans without batting an eyelid, or without the fear of being discovered? This fake doctor and similar cases prove the importance of teaching ethics as essential in private and public schools.

But it looks like we are talking to the wall which instead of responding is about to crush us under its weight.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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