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Shrimp fishing banned for 7 months – Ban on importing birds from the UK

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: The Chairman of the Board and Director General of the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Youssef, issued a decision prohibiting Kuwaiti fishing vessels from going out to catch shrimp in international waters for 7 months from the beginning of next January until the end of July 2020, during this time it is prohibited to fish, trade and market local shrimp reports Al Rai.

The decision also prohibited excursion boats and any boats or ships not authorized to fish, carry or use fishing gear such as nets and cycloid nets equipped for fishing.

In its second article, the decision stated that permitting the import of fresh and chilled shrimp through air outlets, and the import of shrimp cultured through land ports only, after obtaining prior permission from the authority in accordance with the conditions and controls in force.

He explained that there is coordination between the authority and the coast guard, in monitoring the extent of the Kuwaiti fishing vessels commitment to the content of the decision, as well as coordination with the Ministry of Trade and the General Authority for Food, Nutrition and Customs to implement the decision.

The authority also issued a decision temporarily prohibiting the import of all types of live birds except for spawning and chicks, one day old for laying hens and broilers from the United Kingdom, due to the appearance of bird flu.

The commission also issued a decision to lift the ban on importing all types of live birds and live animals, except for the family of labs and camels from the Republic of Belgium.

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This post has been read 11500 times!