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Several Kuwaitis desperately trying to get their names cleared from “Support For Terrorism” list

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KUWAIT CITY: Several Kuwaitis who are accused of involvement in international terrorism and carry the United Nations Security Council sanctions are reportedly in touch with the Appeals Office of the Security Council Sanctions Committee through Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reports Al-Rai daily quoting jihadist sources.

The sources added the Kuwaitis are desperately trying to get their names cleared of the charges of supporting international terrorism. The sources pointed some Kuwaitis have already met with the concerned UN officials to regarding the charges against them.

They say they are not involved in any armed terrorist acts and described the charges against them as baseless without any realistic supporting evidences. Based on earlier experiences inside and outside Kuwait, the sources said these appeals are futile. However, they stressed the ‘door of hope’ remains open if the UN officials are satisfied with the evidences submitted by these Kuwaitis, which allows for a review of their files. The sources also are of the opinion that a faint light is seen at the end of the tunnel in case of some of the Kuwaitis.

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