Seven magnificent women

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Fifteen years ago, Mrs Fareah Al-Saqqaf sensed the danger threatening her small homeland and felt the need to do something to save an entire generation which was drifting into subversive and terrorist activities or getting absorbed in the world of drugs.

Al-Saqqaf did not exert much effort to convince some of her friends who she loved and respected, to work with her and formed the LOYAC group. The seven magnificent women are Fitouh Al-Dalali, Mona Al-Kalouti, Lara Dredrian, Fadia Al-Marzouq, Abeer Al-Issa, Nadia Al-Marzouq and herself.

They began their work immediately to achieve the objectives of LOYAC without any hindrance.

They found a way to legally establish LOYAC without any interference from anyone to ward off the danger that threatened their homeland because they wanted to address the pressing issue without wasting any time. LOYAC thus became a reality with efforts of the Magnificent Seven.

LOYAC was formed in the beginning of April 2002 driven by the sense of the extreme danger of the exclusionary ideology in the community and other terrible social risks.

They based their work in a strong belief to address any extremist ideology that rejected those who did not toe the line of the extremists.

Those who adopted this ideology managed to promote and prevail their ideas through the schools and through satellite channels, newspapers and publications, which were owned by hard-line religious currents.

These currents had succeeded in enticing young men to follow their ideology and poisoned their minds with radical ideas through ethics, education and industry.

They believed in genocide as a means to retaliate against others through torture and displacement of those who do not agree with them or their visions and their unilateral interpretation of doctrine in their quest to destroy all aspects of civilizations that do not accept them.

Fifteen years ago the LOYAC women believed in a vision which spanned beyond the narrow concept of identity and belonging adopted by some narrow-minded people with their sick mentality who attempted to impose it on the entire Arab world and Kuwait was not immune to this danger.

The ‘seven’ felt there was a dire need to build a new culture of life, culture of delight, a culture of diversity and joy and a culture of peace and love to share with others.

What LOYAC, that was founded 15 years ago, has succeeded and accomplished what the government institutions have failed to do during this time. LOYAC deserved our moral and financial support.

No one can identify the positive impact LOYAC has made on the various segments of society, especially the young men and women, without meeting with some of them, to know to what extent LOYAC has played a role to refine the mentalities of young men and women to rescue them and their future from the ills and prepare them to become useful and fruitful citizens of tomorrow in  practical life.

LOYAC is life and hope, and therefore worthy of all appreciation and assistance.


By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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